Overall proportion of industry and non-industry income is: 80% industry income vs 20% non-industry income. Please find below a list of Industry Partners and related contributions for the financial year 2016:

Industry1 related income (2016)

  Name of company/funder Amount of income2 Percentage of overall budget
  Almirall € 12,000 0.95%
  Bayer Pharma € 50,000 4.0%
  Biogen Idec € 282,376 23%
  GW € 5,900 0.5%
  Icometrix € 1,815 0.1%
  Merck Serono € 130,000 10%
  Novartis € 210,000 17%
  Roche € 110,000 9%
  Sanofi € 79,000 6%
  Synthon € 5,000 0.4%
  Terumo BCT € 10,000 0.8%
  TEVA € 110,000 9%
  Subtotal € 1,006,091 80%
[1] Industry is defined as commercial manufacturers of healthcare products and services, including distributors and wholesalers, etc.
[2] This should reflect the overall funding received from industry, including, e.g. projects, conferences, etc.

Code of Conduct

On a regular basis, EMSP also collaborates with the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA).

Our approach is transparent and rules-based, as set out in our Code of Conduct.

Industry reports

In order to encourage health literacy and sharing of information, EMSP is supporting a number of important industry-funded deliverables. Find a few examples below:

  • The State of MS Report – an international survey on improving physician-patient dialogue about multiple sclerosis. A Biogen initiative. Find the 2016 State of MS update report here.


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