• EMSP Membership Newsletter: Second edition

    We are very glad to present the second edition of our Membership Newsletter. With the great support of our members, we aim to establish this publication as an important tool for sharing and disseminating MS news across Europe. [caption... read more

  • EMSP 2017 Conference: Registrations open

    We are inviting members, partners and supporters to register for our 2017 Spring Conference. The two-day event is held in Athens, Greece, on 19 and 20 May. Please register here. Find all related information... read more

  • EMSP 2016 highlights

    The EMSP Secretariat would like to thank all our members and partners for their support throughout the year and leave them with best wishes for 2017. In addition, we propose a short selection of EMSP 2016 highlights: MS disclosure... read more

  • 100 meters: Ramon Arroyo

    100 meters: MS ‘Ironman’ movie inspired by fantastic true story

    Ramon is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in his 30s. His doctor tells him that he will barely be able to walk, let alone run. But he decides to attempt the ultimate sporting challenge. To complete an Ironman race: 42 km run, 3,8 km swim and... read more

  • MS treatments

    ECTRIMS 2016: Upcoming MS treatments

    The ECTRIMS 2016 Congress offered encouraging news on MS treatments for patients with relapsing (RMS) and secondary progressive (SPMS) multiple sclerosis. Siponimod According to the placebo. Disability progression was measured using... read more

  • RiMS Annual Conference: 30 bursaries available for MS nurses

    Rehabilitation in MS (RiMS) is making a Nurse Bursary programme available for up to 30 nurses interested in participating in the organisation’s Annual Conference. The event will take place on 4-6 May in Barcelona, Spain. Nurses interested... read more

  • MS diagnosis testimony: I feared it was cancer

    By Labinot Demi My name is Labinot Demi, I live in Kosovo and I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2015. But I had been experiencing related symptoms since 2013. This is my personal story. Article for EMSP's Membership Newsletter. At... read more

  • MS physical activity platform launched online

    By Sandra Fernández   The patient organisation Multiple Sclerosis Spain (EME) moved its popular Platform for Promotion of Physical Activity in MS online in a bid to reach a broader audience. The project targets healthcare professionals (HCPs)... read more

  • MS rehabilitation, a family programme

    By Pavel Zlobin This is a report about the construction and activity of an MS rehabilitation centre. It is also a story about the efforts invested by the local and national patient organisations in Russia to build this centre for people with... read more

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