EMSP sponsors and partners can all become ‘supporters’ of the cause of people living with MS in Europe.

With every financed project (see our Projects) and each shared experience (see under EMSP News) our supporters help us move forward and improve.

Find more about us here.

Call to Action 

We are currently asking our supporters to promote our Employment Toolkit for people with multiple sclerosis.

Find all the necessary information here.

How to become a supporter

Get in touch with members of our staff (see Our Team) for focused discussions on our projects and initiatives.

We also welcome support through engagement on social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn) and coverage in traditional publications.

What we ask

Transparency and genuine commitment to the wellbeing of people with MS.

What we offer

Sustainable and credible partnerships, based on our long-running experience of collaborating with key stakeholders at both national and EU level. Last but not least, we also offer transparency (see Partners/ Sponsors).

Supporters at EMSP’s 2015 Annual Conference