MS Nurse Professional (MS Nurse PRO) is the first and only, online foundation education programme for nurses working in the field of Multiple Sclerosis.

The MS nurse is key in the provision of expert and consistent information, support and advice for people with MS. From the moment of diagnosis and throughout the disease trajectory, the nurse ensures a shared and coordinated approach to care. Across Europe, the role, skillset and professional development of MS nurses varies. This leads to inequity of access to expert nursing care and advice, and inequality of patient care experience.

MS Nurse PRO was originally launched in English in 2011/12 and successfully trains qualified nurses who work in the field of MS.

Since then, more than 8,406 nurses have joined the e-learning programme. Currently available in 12 languages and launched in 15 European countries, MS Nurse PRO is an online training that has international accreditation and endorsement from national and international patient and professional groups. The training has been created by a team of internationally recognised nurses and neurologists.

With this increasing outreach, growth of registered nurses and accelerated activities around the e-learning platform, EMSP aspires to ensure that there are adequate numbers of MS nurses employed to provide appropriate support to all people with MS.

To know more, download the MS Nurse Pro brochure here. 

Training modules

At present, MS Nurse Pro consists of six accredited online training modules with a proven track record in improving the specialisation of MS nurses:

  • Understanding MS
  • Clinical Presentation
  • Diagnosis and Assessment
  • Treatment
  • Care and Support
  • Rehabilitation

Wide coverage

The training modules are also available in 12 languages:

  • English (both the United Kingdom and Ireland)
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • French and German (for Germany and Belgium as well as Austria and Switzerland)
  • Italian
  • Czech
  • Polish
  • Dutch (for the Flemish speakers in Belgium)
  • Norwegian
  • Greek
  • Romanian


MS Nurse Pro is constantly improving its reach, with further national launches scheduled the following years.


This project is led by the European Multiple Sclerosis Platform (EMSP) in collaboration with the International Organisation of Multiple Sclerosis Nurses (IOMSN) and Rehabilitation in MS (RIMS). Collectively, this group is known as the Multiple Sclerosis-Nurse Empowering EDucation (MS-NEED).

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