Defeating MS Together, the updated and refreshed of EMSP’s Code of Good Practice in MS, presents the current issues facing people with multiple sclerosis, and those who care for them, and sets out clear calls to action aimed at improving their lives and reducing health inequalities. “Together we must: Commit. Support. Advocate. Act”.

defeating ms together

Defeating MS Together has been developed as a vital tool in targeting attention on the issues that matter, highlighting the particular areas in which improvements are urgently needed. It is much more than a set of ideals. It stresses the need for the whole MS community, alongside policy makers, the media, clinicians and academics, to work together to address 12 specific Calls to Action centred around 5 Action Areas:

  • Ensuring Access to MS Treatment, Therapies, Rehabilitation and Services;
  • Better Understanding and Treatment of Paediatric MS;
  • Focusing MS Research;
  • Enabling Employment, Job Retention and Education;
  • Supporting and Empowering MS Carers.

maggie john code

EMSP chose 2014 to re-launch its European Code of Good Practice in MS. Started in 2005, it has lead to some key deliverables for MS communities throughout Europe. These include the MS Barometer and the MS Information Dividend (MS-ID), which set the stage for the landmark European Register for MS (EUReMS).


In 2003, the EU Parliament adopted a Resolution on the Petition from Ms Louise McVay concerning the effects of the discriminatory treatment of people living with multiple sclerosis within the European Union. EMSP was one of the main actors working towards such an outcome.

In 2005, in order to to keep the momentum of the 2013 breakthrough, EMSP published its first version of the EU Code of Good Practice in MS.

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