EMSP was founded in 1989 and over the years we have gained the support of 40 national MS member societies from 35 European countries. Find out more here

How to become a member

Any MS organisation representing people with MS across Europe can submit an application of membership to EMSP’s Executive Committee.

What we ask

EMSP requires applicant organisations to be registered with the relevant authorities with a non-for-profit status.

We also ask applicants to have a clearly drafted constitution (in English).

A recent copy of the annual report is also desirable as well as an document containing key information such as the names and contact details of the secretariat and the number of registered members.

What we offer

A voice at European level, guidance and capacity building.

EMSP is the only MS specific organisation that can influence health and other EU policies.

We have a history of collaboration with the European Commission and European Parliament (see Policymakers).

We are also founding members of the European Patients’ Forum (EPF) and we have access to the European Medicines Agency (EMA), (see Resources/ Institutions).

Additionally, through our cross-border projects (see Projects), we present members with opportunities to bring concrete deliverables to their constituency. The areas we focus on with priority are access to treatment, care and employment.

Spain, 2011: Many couples say living with MS is like having a third person in the marriage: one who often interferes with plans and creates physical, psychological and emotional strain. Almudena Movilla Morena takes advantage of a quiet moment to reassure her husband David  (EMSP’s Under Pressure project)


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