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MS Nurse PROfessional: Aligning the role of MS nurses across Europe


MS Nurse PROfessional is an EMSP project that aims to roll-out an accredited training curriculum for MS nurses across Europe.


This video shows the latest progress and achievements of the project.


About MS Nurse PROfessional


"This is the first time a programme of this sort has been initiated across Europe. People with MS are very special people. The nurses who care and support people with MS are very special too. I feel that this is the most exciting and inspirational programme and is incredibly important for nursing across Europe." Vicki Matthews, Rehabilitation in Multiple Sclerosis (RIMS)


Over the course of 2012, we have been delighted to see the enthusiasm the MS Nurse PROfessional project has received on both national and pan-European levels.

Under the guidance of an EMSP-led Steering Committee (chaired by Anne Winslow, Vice President EMSP) the curriculum has extended its reach across Europe and continues to increase in momentum.


Key 2012 highlights include


May: MS Nurse PROfessional was pilot tested in Malta with 20 MS nurses from across Europe who provided vital feedback on the curriculum and its content. The curriculum was also launched to national media. Guest speakers, including the Honourable Minister Dr. Joseph Cassar, Maltese Minister for Health, provided context to the national importance of the initiative.


September: MS Nurse PROfessional was launched to over 20 Spanish MS Nurses in Barcelona, with leading neurologist Professor Xavier Montalban and Member of Parliament Maria Concepció Tarruella Tomàs in attendance.


October: An editorial entitled 'Setting new standards in multiple sclerosis care and research' was published by Lancet Neurology highlighting MS Nurse PROfessional as a key new initiative in MS care and research. To build on the success of the article, a short video was launched at the ECTRIMS 2012 conference in Lyon, France to spread the word about the progress and achievements of the project.


In 2013, the curriculum will be launched nationally in various countries and will soon be available in multiple languages including English, Spanish, German, Italian, and Czech.


For more information about the history of the project click here.


MS Nurses, Spanish launch meeting in Barcelona, September 2012MS Nurses, Spanish launch meeting in Barcelona, September 2012

MS Nurses, Spanish launch meeting in Barcelona, September 2012