The voice of people

with MS in Europe

MS Barometer 2011

The MS Barometer 2011 results confirm the huge disparities existing between European countries in the management of Multiple Sclerosis and the quality of life of Persons with Multiple Sclerosis. The scores vary from 207 for the highest (Germany) to 46 (Belarus).


In 2011, the three leading countries were:  Germany, Iceland and Sweden. Austria lost its second place and stands now at the fourth place behind Sweden.

The inequality in the access to treatments in MS (disease modifying therapies, symptomatic treatments and rehabilitation measures) continues to be alarming between EU countries and is even more and more restricted in several Member States.


The  results highlights a concrete need for action from Member States to improve their policies in terms of Employment, data collection, Research Agenda and Reimbursement of costs.


The detailed results of the MS Barometer 2011 are now available.

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