The idea for Believe and Achieve came during a series of employment-related workshops involving young people with MS organised at the EMSP Spring Conference in 2013.

Martina Vaginiat her workplace, athe reception of a luxury hotel and SPA. She speaks german, as she studied to be an interpreter. this has proved to be very useful to find a job in the tourism area.
Italy, 2012: Young person with MS Martina Vagini at her workplace, at he reception of a luxury hotel (Photo: EMSP’s Under Pressure project)

Sense of purpose and dignity

Participants indicated that exploring employment opportunities and making decisions about their career is one of the most important issues for the planning of their future. They stressed that work can add a sense of purpose, dignity and social connectivity to the incentive of having a steady income.

At the end of the workshops participants voted on a ‘shopping list’ of possible EMSP initiatives in the field of employment. First on that list was ‘brokering internships for young people with MS across Europe’.

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