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EMSP Web Alert, July 2014



EMSP's newsletter for July 2014 covers the past two months looking back at a number of very important achievements in advocacy and awareness-raising for people living with MS in Europe.

The main points from this issue of the Web Alert:


  • Preparation for ACTRIMS-ECTRIMS 2014;
  • Workshop on employment under the Paving the Path to Participation project;
  • Launch of the Under Pressure Spanish video;
  • EMSP-EBC article on MS published in The Times.

EMSP Web Alert, May 2014


EMSP's newsletter for May 2014 looks back at a number of very recent achievements and landmarks in advocacy and awareness-raising for people living with MS. 


The main points from this issue of the Web Alert:


  • EMSP's Anniversary Spring Conference 
  • The conclusion of John Golding's mandate as President
  • The launch of the MS Barometer 2013
  • EMSP receiving an important EU grant 

EMSP Web Alert, March 2014



EMSP's newsletter for March 2014 looks back at the recent important meetings with stakeholders and also forward towards our Anniversary Conference in Dublin.


The main topics from this issue of the Web Alert:

  • Networking Dinner with partners
  • The National MS Center in Melsbroek to participate in EMSP's Spring Conference
  • Progress in access to DMD treatment in Poland
  • The story of an 'MS athlete' 

EMSP Web Alert, January 2014



EMSP's newsletter for January 2014 underlines the recent achievements in raising awareness of the challenges of MS across Europe and looks at important events scheduled in the new year.


The main topics from this issue of the Web Alert:


  • Roundtable with EMSP's members on patient experience
  • Launch of EUReMS studies
  • Expanding MS Nurse PROfessional
  • The Under Pressure project, promoted at national level  

EMSP Web Alert, November 2013


EMSP's newsletter for November 2013 covers important recent developments for the European MS community, while also introducing a new feature - "MS in the media".


The main topics from this issue of the Web Alert:


  • Save the date for EMSP's 2014 Spring Conference
  • EMSP's Membership Satisfaction Survey
  • New Under Pressure video
  • The story of a journalist living with MS