• Logo of European Medicines Agency

    A jam-packed September: updates from EMSP’s meeting with the European Medicines Agency

    EMA’s support to Multiple Sclerosis Registry initiative After almost a year and a half of collaboration and consultations and following-up with a workshop held in July 2017, EMSP is proud to announce that the European Medicine’s Agency... read more

  • Elisabeth’s Corner: Message from the Managing Director

    Dear Friends, We are glad to get back to you with the latest news from Brussels, EMSP Secretariat and our EMSP members. These past months have been marked by important developments from the European Union that reminds us of the importance... read more

  • MS Sessions A festival for young people with MS

    Upcoming event: MS sessions, 25-26 November 2017, Prague

    Bringing young people with MS from all across Europe together - the first ever MS Sessions! EMSP will be co-hosting MS Sessions in collaboration with Shift.ms. The lineup will be packed with opportunities to share experiences with your peers,... read more

  • Value of Treatment

    On 22 June the European Brain Council launched the policy White Paper of the research project on the Value of Treatment of Brain Disorders (VoT) in Europe. The paper is comprised of data collected data from 9 expert working groups, covering a wide... read more

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