• Youth Take Charge: EMSP’s Young People’s Network in Action

    By: Emma Rogan Higher! Faster! Louder! It seems that everyone wants to be the very first one, the best, the singular the standout, the BIG ONE. Yet it is when we’re at the heart of a force greater than ourselves, a community, there’s a great... read more

  • Nordic youth making their dreams alive: A film on resilience and determination

    [embed] “My dream is alive” is a short film co-produced by the Nordic countries’ youth representatives in cooperation with Nerd Productions. The 4-minute feature premiered at MS Sessions in Prague this past November. The reaction from the... read more

  • MS Sessions 2017 takes over Prague!

    2 days. 30 sessions. 120 participants. 2880 minutes. Buckets of coffee and a lifetime of connections. What happens when you put passionate young MSer’s in a room? Something amazing. It was a weekend of learning, sharing, laughs, inspiration... read more

  • EMSP Highlights from ECTRIMS 2017

    [embed]http:// Last October, EMSP was at ECTRIMS-ACTRIMS 2017 the world’s largest annual international conference devoted to basic and clinical research in multiple sclerosis. During the 3-day conference, we co-hosted a session on the Cost of... read more

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