• White table with a laptop, a cup of coffe and digitally placed Young People's Network logo together with the MS COVID-19 Making Quarantine Fun initiative logo

    MS COVID-19 Squad: Making quarantine fun!

    The world is going through a challenging period ever since the Coronavirus outbreak dominated our daily routine. The healthcare crisis itself, as well as the quarantine effect, have a significant impact on our lives, on our physical condition and... read more

  • Changes in our Executive Committee

    We are excited to announce the new changes to our governing Executive Committee. After 4 years of successful collaboration, Georgina Carr – former Head of Campaigns and External Relations of the UK MS Society – decided to embark on a new journey... read more

  • Young people’s Network 2.0 Advocacy skills training: Making a change

    From the 27th to the 29th of September,  EMSP organised an advocacy training workshop in Luxembourg, for the Young People’s Network members. The workshop aimed to help young MSers develop the skills and acquire the knowledge to effectively run... read more

  • EMSP Annual Conference 2019

    A ‘to-go-to’ meeting for patients, healthcare professionals, industry, patients’ organisations, policy decision-makers and key opinion leaders in the field of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). This year was a special edition for EMSP, since the... read more

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