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MS Nurse Pro launched in Germany



EMSP’s MS Nurse Professional project - an accredited online training tool aiming to consolidate standards of MS nursing care across Europe - was officially launched in Germany. The event took place on 30 January 2015, in Hannover, and was organised by the German MS Society (DMSG).


German is the fifth language version made available by MS Nurse Pro through its training modules, following the English (for UK and Ireland), Spanish, Czech and Italian launches.


By September 2014, a number of 1,500 MS nurses from across Europe had already enrolled for MS Nurse Pro.


And the programme is constantly improving its reach, with further national launches scheduled in 2015 - in Belgium, France, Switzerland, Austria, Poland and the Netherlands.   

EDF event: "Persons with disabilities at work - the invisible workers?"



EMSP's partners from the European Disability Forum (EDF) followed-up on their European Day of Persons with Disability event and, on 10 December, organised a discussion with EU policy-makers on the huge differences in rates of employment for people with or without disabilities living the European Union


Titled 'Persons with disabilities at work: the invisible workers?’, the meeting took place at the European Parliament and was chaired by MEP Jutta Steinruck, S&D Coordinator of the Employment Committee.


Find details about the meeting here


According to the latest EU data, there is still a 26% difference in rates of employment for persons with and without disabilities across the EU. This is 30 points lower than the Europe 2020 target of 75% employment for persons with disabilities.

SAVE THE DATE: EFNA Workshop on Pharmaceuticals, 23-24 February 2015


EMSP's partner organisation the European Federation of Neurological Associations (EFNA) invites representatives from patient associations to participate in the upcoming workshop on Pharmaceutical Pricing, Access and Reimbursement at the London School of Economics.


Taking place from February 23-24 2015, this important initiative is aimed at equipping participants with the knowledge and skills they need to be actively involved in influencing regulatory decision-making in relation to medical technologies/pharmaceuticals.


By attending this course, participants will obtain insights on: (a) how pharmaceuticals fit within the overall health care system; (b) how different countries in Europe and beyond pay for pharmaceuticals; (c) what are the most salient regulations addressing coverage/access and how these affect patient access; (d) how stakeholders - including patients - participate in the decision-making process.


EMSP at European Day for Persons with Disability: Advocating for employment


EMSP was represented at the European Day of Persons with Disability - a European Disability Forum (EDF) event hosted by the European Commission on 2-3 December, in Brussels - by our Project Coordinator and MS advocate Emma Rogan (photo). 


In a very personal speech she delivered on 3 December, Emma shared her own experience of living with multiple sclerosis while stressing the importance of access to employment:


"Paid work opens up opportunities and provides sense of purpose, security and dignity."