• MS carers

    Training for MS carers

    By Madeleine Cutting The Spanish MS Society AEDEM organised two training sessions for MS carers - key but often disregarded actors in the process of MS management. This in an article for EMSP's Membership Newsletter. The motto of this... read more

  • My MS, My Needs

    My MS, My Needs: 1 in 3 people without care and support

    By Georgina Carr The UK MS Society’s My MS, My Needs 2 survey of over 9,000 people with MS in England shows that demand for social care among people with multiple sclerosis has increased. Despite this reality, fewer are getting the support... read more

  • underwater wheelchair

    Introducing the underwater ‘barracuda’ wheelchair

    By Pavel Zlobin The Russian MS Society explores novel ways of expanding the mobility for people living with multiple sclerosis. In this edition of EMSP’s Membership Newsletter they are promoting an intrepid initiative: the underwater... read more

  • Obituary: Tatyana

    Obituary: Tatyana Pencheva-Ivancheva, founder of Bulgarian MS Society

    The Bulgarian MS Society announced with great regret that the founder and chairperson of their organisation, Tatyana Pencheva-Ivancheva, has passed away on the first day of March, at the age of 64. EMSP expresses its deepest condolences and, as... read more

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