• Football and MS: A story from Croatia

    A young and enthusiastic team of multiple sclerosis (MS) advocates living in Zadar, Croatia, have produced a video about one of their own: Patrik, 24 years, diagnosed with MS six years ago. Patrik loves football and after his diagnosis he... read more

  • Wireless monitoring system: a solution to support MS examinations

    By Katrin Rüütel The Estonian MS Society is involved in the development of a wireless device aiming to help with the remote examination of people living with multiple sclerosis in the country. The Society reports ’positive’ results after... read more

  • MS public

    Reaching out to the MS public

    By DMSG The German MS Society (DMSG) is focusing on advocacy and awareness-raising in its 2017 outreach strategy to national MS communities. DMSG shares three of its exciting new initiatives with a view to inspiring other MS societies across... read more

  • patient advocacy

    Multimedia patient advocacy

    By Dragana Ilic Šutović The Serbian MS Society (DMSS) is relying increasingly on multimedia initiatives in its outreach to different MS stakeholders, from MS patients to health authorities. Two related activities are the publication of a... read more

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