• Innovative Drug Delivery Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis

    The N2B-Patch is a project funded by the European Union, which brings together universities, research institutes, SMEs, industry and patients organisations to explore the possibility to have treatments (in MS) that bypass the Blood Brain Barrier... read more

  • EMSP Annual Conference 2018: MS Research: Moving towards a Patient-Centered Approach

    EMSP Annual Conference 2018: MS Research: Moving towards a Patient-Centered Approach More than 120 delegates from more than 20 European countries attended the EMSP Annual Conference 2018, 8-9th June, in Bratislava, Slovakia. Co-hosted by the... read more

  • MS Nurse Pro Poland revamped and back online!

    [caption id="attachment_3791" align="alignnone" width="640"] MS Nurse Pro Poster[/caption] By: Yves Brand After the launch in 2015 the Polish edition of MS Nurse Pro got revamped and we are proud to announce it is now again back online and... read more

  • Policy News: The Value of Treatment Report

    By: Andreea Antonovici The European Brain Council contributed to the World Health Organization 2017 Eurohealth edition with an article on the Value of Treatment, highlighting the importance of health prevention and intervention in reducing... read more

  • Youth Take Charge: EMSP’s Young People’s Network in Action

    By: Emma Rogan Higher! Faster! Louder! It seems that everyone wants to be the very first one, the best, the singular the standout, the BIG ONE. Yet it is when we’re at the heart of a force greater than ourselves, a community, there’s a great... read more

  • MS Sessions 2017 takes over Prague!

    2 days. 30 sessions. 120 participants. 2880 minutes. Buckets of coffee and a lifetime of connections. What happens when you put passionate young MSer’s in a room? Something amazing. It was a weekend of learning, sharing, laughs, inspiration... read more

  • EU Health Collaboration is crucial for Europe’s future: A letter to President Jean-Claude Junker

    As a member of the European Public Health Alliance, the European Multiple Sclerosis Platform joins with other organisations to highlight the urgency and protection of a high level of  health and wellbeing of the people in Europe. Here is the... read more

  • The MS House in the European Parliament

    Hosted by MEP Kateřina Konečná, the MS House is a fully immersive experience coming to the European Parliament from 30th May to 1st June 2017. To mark World MS Day 2017, the House is a unique opportunity to experience some of the issues people... read more

  • Event Report: EP debate: Can real world data advance equity of health care?

    People living with multiple sclerosis (MS) in the European Union could receive timelier access to safer and more efficient therapies. They could also become important partners in the regulation and pricing of medicines. The key to turning these... read more

  • EMSP launches 2015 MS Barometer

    UPDATE 1 March: Following feedback from member societies, we are in the process of updating specific information included in the Barometer. A new version will be available in due course.  We are glad to announce the launch of our latest MS... read more

  • employment guide

    Ready for Work: Employment Guide for health care professionals

    EMSP and The Work Foundation of Lancaster University launched a new guide to help health care professionals (HCPs) talk about the benefits of work when consulting people diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Find the Guide here. This... read more

  • EMSP Highlights from ECTRIMS 2017

    [embed]http:// Last October, EMSP was at ECTRIMS-ACTRIMS 2017 the world’s largest annual international conference devoted to basic and clinical research in multiple sclerosis. During the 3-day conference, we co-hosted a session on the Cost of... read more

  • MS Nurse Pro launches 6th module on rehabilitation

    [caption id="attachment_3791" align="alignnone" width="640"] MS Nurse Pro Brochure[/caption] October 27, 2017 - Paris, France – The European Multiple Sclerosis Platform (EMSP) in partnership with the European Committee for Treatment of... read more

  • Photo of EFHG opening ceremony

    EMSP at the European Health Forum Gastein

    3 days, over 500 participants and countless conversations on the future of European health policy. The town of Bad Gastein in Austria once again played host to the 20th annual European Health Forum. Stakeholders from public health to healthcare... read more

  • Logo of European Medicines Agency

    A jam-packed September: updates from EMSP’s meeting with the European Medicines Agency

    EMA’s support to Multiple Sclerosis Registry initiative After almost a year and a half of collaboration and consultations and following-up with a workshop held in July 2017, EMSP is proud to announce that the European Medicine’s Agency... read more

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