• Noise intolerance in MS: Are you getting enough?

    Willeke Van Eeckhoutte is an Irish MS advocate and blogger. She agreed to share with EMSP her article on a less debated symptom of multiple sclerosis (MS): noise intolerance.   Of the most commonly used human senses, hearing is perhaps the... read more

  • Young MS advocates at EYE 2016: Ready, brilliant and able to work

    In the context of the European Youth Event (EYE 2016) that took place in Strasbourg on 20 and 21 May, EMSP and our partners from the European Patients’ Forum (EPF) organised a workshop entitled ‘Young Patients: Ready, Brilliant and Able to... read more

  • Ready for Work: The case for workability

    MS advocate Emma Rogan is EMSP's Lead Coordinator for our newest employment-focused project, Ready for Work, which we will run in collaboration with The Work Foundation. In this blog piece, Emma is promoting the concept of workability. She is... read more

  • MS and employment: “Good out of bad”

    Emma Rogan is a person with multiple sclerosis (MS), an MS advocate and the coordinator of EMSP's Believe and Achieve (B&A) programme. She is also a here) have had their own understanding of workplace health and chronic illness... read more

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