• Sailing for MS: Ready for a new Oceans of Hope adventure!

    EMSP’s former Interim Chief Executive and longstanding External Adviser Bettina Hausmann was never one to back away from adventure. Now she is rekindling her sailing passion by embarking on a new Oceans of Hope Challenge: joining an enthusiastic... read more

  • oceans of hope

    MS interview: Sailing Oceans of Hope

    Robert Munns was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) almost ten years ago. Midway through his journey with MS something happened that changed what had become his disillusioned outlook on life: he was introduced to the Oceans of Hope (OoH)... read more

  • MS advocate Florenta: Life is not a fight

    MS testimony: Life is not a fight

    I am Florența Cernescu, I am 29 years old and I have been diagnosed with both multiple sclerosis and... read more

  • A Day in the Life. Elizabeth Jameson, the MRI Alchemist

    Our ‘A Day in the Life’ blog campaign continues with an absolutely remarkable story: an MS quadriplegic artists whose work is featured in neuroscience exhibitions across the globe, from the US to India. Meet Elizabeth Jameson, the 'MRI... read more

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