In Defeating MS Together – the European Code of Good Practice in MS, EMSP declared:

Together we must: Commit. Support. Advocate. Act

To do this effectively we recognise the importance of supporting our members to access the best of what European health and social justice policies have to offer and to help translate those into tangible benefits for people with MS throughout Europe.

This new website is the first port of call for all those wishing to engage with EMSP and has been designed to feature:

  • The ways in which EMSP plans to address key areas of MS-related healthcare policy, particularly access to treatment and care, employment, education and empowerment.
  • Updates on progress with EMSP’s flagships projects including:
  • Believe & Achieve – creating paid training internships for young people with MS;
  • MS Nurse Pro – providing essential education for MS nurses;
  • Under Pressure – raising awareness of the considerable health inequalities faced by people living with MS across Europe.
  • Opportunities for members to utilise EMSP’s advocacy tools, participation in key decision-making bodies, materials and projects in their countries.

To make the new website straightforward to navigate we have centralised all our key documents in one section – media centre – and we have grouped all partner-related sources of information under the resources section. We have created separate sections on the homepage for members, sponsors and policymakers and we have included our new corporate ID which has been designed to encapsulate our aspiration to be a strong, representative voice for people living with MS in Europe.

If we’ve listened closely enough to what you’ve told us you need from the EMSP website, then this new site should go a long way to fulfilling those expectations. However we are very conscious that will always be multiple opportunities for improvement and we very much hope that you will signal to us both the elements that you like as well as those parts of the website that would benefit from amendment.

In the meantime, do watch Trishna Bharadia’s inspiring video and message to “Get young people involved”.

Look out for plans for EMSP’s May 2016 Annual Spring Conference in Oslo which will feature another very important area highlighted in Defeating MS Together: paediatric MS.

Maggie Alexander
EMSP Chief Executive


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