Emma Rogan is a person with multiple sclerosis (MS), an MS advocate and the coordinator of EMSP’s Believe and Achieve (B&A) programme. She is also a blogger, but this is her first blog piece for EMSP. A great way to start 2016!


Happy New Year to all our friends and supporters! January is a time for reflection, planning and hope. These concepts work well with our Believe and Achieve programme, now in its second year.

Staying at work, returning to work and flourishing in your career have defined the approach of B&A throughout 2015. Last year, this programme has allowed a number of young people to access paid internships with two important business partners, Biogen and Novartis, in different locations across Europe. Some of them have been gaining new skills in Marketing, Quality Assurance and Neuroscience while some of the newer recruits are training in Finance. They are earning, learning and enhancing their career prospects for their future.

During the course of their B&A internships, they have developed their skills in environments where flexibility and workplace health is embedded in the work practices. Here’s what our B&A intern from Ireland has to say:

“I am taking every opportunity to continue upskilling and getting to know the company and their systems. Though I will no longer be here after the end of January, the skills I am learning will no doubt be vital to me in a future role. I am looking forward to seeing where work can take and what I will become involved with next!”

Emma Hughes, Ireland

Emma and her B&A colleagues (find another B&A testimony, of Anna from Italy, here) have had their own understanding of workplace health and chronic illness transformed.

Working for a busy multi-national comes with the usual pressures of a fast-paced environment. But with workplace adaptations  where needed, and good relations with managers the interns have had great workplace experiences.

On the business side, EMSP is working with the companies to create processes that satisfy both the businesses and the employees. And this can only lead to a win-win situation. For instance, one B&A intern reported to have re-gained confidence in her abilities, and went on to ask for more responsibilities and greater work volume because she know she was trusted to perform her tasks efficiently.

B&A: Exemplary Internship Programme

EMSP’s own intern Letitia Nsiona attended, in November 2015, the International Interns Day, a campaign aimed at creating better conditions for interns, both at the heart of the EU and also across Europe. This was part of a developing collaboration between EMSP and the organisation behind this drive to build better workplaces for interns, InternsGoPro.

Currently, the Believe and Achieve programme is being evaluated and is very likely to be certified by Interns Go Pro as part of the European Label for Quality Internships.

Which leads us to our title…

Good out of Bad

#GOOB is a catchphrase that EMSP’s friends and partners from Shift.ms have used in their recent campaigning activities.

Sometimes it can be difficult to see anything positive about living with multiple sclerosis. We know the devastation it can cause on the human body and how it can alter the life-path of the person with MS and their partner, family and friends.

At EMSP, our vision is for a world without MS but, until that time, the organisation continues to work with a wide range of non-profit entities and businesses in order to transform understanding of MS and to positively impact the lives of those living with this condition.

We wish the B&A interns and their colleagues a year of good health and energising workplace experiences!


B&A’s Project Coordinator Emma Rogan (emma.rogan@emsp.org) will provide all relevant B&A-related information to our two main audiences: young people with MS interested in applying for the internship positions still open; and business partners willing to get involved with this project.
 B&A paid internships are open in Belgium, England, France or Switzerland. You’ll find more details here.


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