Romanian patient advocate Denisa Paslaru writes about the immaterial things that help her manage her MS.


Transformation always starts from the inside out. It starts with the conscious choice of needing and wanting to change your life for the better. With that urge to be the best version of yourself that you can possibly be.

A chronic, incurable diagnosis is surely a thing that will turn your world upside down and inside out. It humbles you and makes you see the world from an entirely new perspective.

You have to be willing to learn from all that you experience, to accept, adapt and eventually overcome. Otherwise, the journey will be at least twice as hard. It’s not a one-time thing, but a process. You’ll have to do it all over again at times.


What works for me is taking time to look inside and dig deeper to find out (or to remember) who I really am. The tools that help on this journey are exercising to the best of my abilities, keeping a diary, meditating and praying.

Moving my body teaches me that all my days are different, and that most of the times, the plan or expectations I have in my brain do not always mirror reality. But I learn to accept my weaknesses and hard times and push through, carry on with what I’m doing.

Writing has always been one of my favourites. It helps with treating my emotions as objects, moving them around and exploring them from all angles. Simply by writing down all thoughts, emotions and lessons,the rational, objective filter that is activated when we read, puts it all into order.


Meditation and prayer come as a bundle. I can’t separate my mind from the thoughts without feeling protected by the higher power. These two usually are threaded together during one sitting. Instead of a mandala I use a rosary around my neck. I either start by taking deep
breaths, taking up space and saying Holy Father, or I finish the session with the prayer. It works both ways.

You just have to continuously find the love within, get to know yourself better and better, then love others and be humble that you have this wonderful gift called life. Choose life, however it might be. Others are not as lucky.

You are more stronger than you think. The mind is limiting your actions. Let the ego and pride go and look at the world through your heart. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll see.

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