• Elisabeth Kasilingam

    In September 2016, EMSP's long-serving Programme Manager Elisabeth Kasilingam was appointed as the new Managing Director of the organisation. Elisabeth joined EMSP in 2009 as a Project Coordinator and has since managed various projects. Her role subsequently evolved into... read more
    +32 2 304 50 13
  • Christoph Thalheim

    Christoph started working with EMSP in 2000, as Secretary General. He has been active on the Brussels stage since early 1990s, working at first for a major international NGO focussing on intercultural learning and international youth... read more
    +32 2 305 80 12
  • Žilvinas Gavėnas

    Žilvinas joined EMSP in 2003. Since then he worked with a number of European NGOs  including European Patients’ Forum (EPF), Alzheimer Europe (AE), European Federation of Allergy and Airways Diseases Patients’ Associations (EFA) and others. He provides IT solutions and... read more
    +32 2 304 50 14
  • Bettina Hausmann

    In September 2016, Bettina Hausmann resumed her strategic role as External Advisor of EMSP, having held the interim position of Chief Executive in the interval starting with 1 April same year. Bettina successfully oversaw the transition period following the departure of... read more
  • Emma Rogan

    Emma joined EMSP in 2014 and works as a Project Coordinator for the Believe and Achieve project, while also supporting other EMSP initiatives. She has degrees in communications, equality and social justice. Previously, Emma has worked in multinational companies and small... read more
    +353 876 965 403
  • Yves Brand

    Yves joined EMSP in 2014, having been active in the health and social field for ten years, at first as a social worker and later on as a policy officer for several European NGOs in Brussels, including the European Patients' Forum (EPF) and Mental Health Europe. He is also a... read more
  • Andreea Antonovici

    Andreea joined EMSP in 2013. She holds a BA in Political Science and one in Economics, and an MA in European Studies from the K.U. Leuven University.  Before joining EMSP, Andreea has worked in the healthcare sector on EU directives and regulations, as well as for several NGOs... read more
    +32 2 699 05 42